Korkyra baroque festival

2016 | Arneri Palace Courtyard, Korčula – Dido and Aeneas, Z. 626


Time: September 10, 2016 21:00
Location: Palača Arneri, Korčula
Event Type: Events

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Dido and Aeneas, Z. 626


Vocal ensemble Antiphonus (Croatia)



Tomislav Fačini, artistic direction

Bojan Čičić, violin

Diana Haller, mezzosoprano

Krešimir Stražanac, bariton

Ivana Lazar, soprano


Vokalni ansambl Antiphonus:

Monika Cerovčec, Ana Lice, sopranos

Vesna Matana, Sonja Runje, altos

Ivan Bingula, Siniša Galović, tenors

Vjekoslav Hudeček, Sreten Manojlović, bass


Instrumentalni ansambl:

Bojan Čičić, Silvio Richter, violins

Vlatka Peljhan, viola

Zita Varga, cello

Anamarija Zajc, keltska harfa

Tomislav Fačini, harpsichord








Act I


Belinda, Chorus: Shake the cloud from off your brow

Dido: Ah! Belinda, I am press’d with torment

Belinda, Dido: Grief increases by concealing

Chorus: When monarchs unite how happy their state

Dido, Belinda: Whence could so much virtue spring?

Belinda, 2nd Woman and Chorus: Fear no danger to ensue

Belinda, Aeneas, Dido: See, your Royal guest appears

Chorus: Cupid only throws the dart

Aeneas, Belinda: If not for mine, for Empire’s sake

Guitars’ Chaconne

Chorus: To the hills and the vales

The Triumphing Dance


Act II


Prelude for the Witches (Sorceress and 1st Witch): Wayward sisters

Chorus: Harm’s our delight

Sorceress: The Queen of Carthage, whom we hate

Chorus: Ho Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho!

1st and 2nd Witches, Sorceress: Ruin’d ere the set of sun?

Chorus: Ho Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho!

Sailors’ Dance

1st and 2nd Witches: But, ere we this perform

Chorus: In our deep vaulted cell

Echo Dance of Furies


Belinda, Chorus: Thanks to these lonesome vales

Guitar Dance, 2nd Woman: Oft she visits this lone mountain

Aeneas, Dido: Behold, upon my bended spear

Belinda, Chorus: Haste to town

Spirit, Aeneas: Stay, Prince! and hear great Jove’s command





1st Sailor and Chorus: Come away, fellow sailors

The Sailor’s Dance

Sorceress, 1st and 2nd Witches: See, the flags and streamers curling

Sorceress: Our next motion

Chorus: Destruction’s our delight

The Witches’ Dance

Belinda, Aeneas: Your counsel all is urg’d in vain

Chorus: Great minds against themselves conspire

Dido: Thy hand, Belinda; darkness shades me

Dido: When I am laid in earth

Chorus: With drooping wings ye cupids come

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