Korkyra baroque festival

2021 | Church of Our Lady of the Island, Vrnik – LUNARIS


Time: September 06, 2021 20:00
Location: Crkva Gospe od Škoja, Vrnik
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Anna Stegmann, recorders (Netherlands)
Jorge Jiménez, violin, viella (Spain)
Old &New


Our view of the moon is transfigured. Always present in the sky yet out of reach in the distance, it has been captivating people for centuries. In LUNARIS, German recorder player Anna Stegmann and the Catalan violinist Jorge Jiménez perform four sets around the different, often mythical phases of the moon. Jorge plays on a 1680 Ruggieri violin kindly loaned by Jumpstart Jr Foundation/Sparey Collection With various recorders, vielle and baroque violin, they take the audience on a journey in which early medieval music effortlessly blends with compositions from the last decades.

In each phase, the position of the earth changes in perspective to the moon, through which we see it on Earth in various appearances from full moon to total darkness. In the four musical “sets” inspired by these phases and presented as a unit through soundscapes, the perception and conventional definition of various musical epochs is challenged: music by medieval trobairitiz merge with the sounds of Luciano Berio; Eugène Ysaÿe converses with Johann Sebastian Bach.

In esotericism the moon phases are attributed to influence human behaviour and emotions. In LUNARIS, each phase of the moon is associated with expressions and moods that are musically enacted throughout the programme. A travel through sonic spaces, in which the gap between old and new music slowly changes our perception, while the moon presents itself to us in its different shapes.

Anna Stegmann & Jorge Jiménez

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