Korkyra baroque festival

2021 | The parish church of the Mary Help of Christians, Orebić – PADOVEC & CO


Time: September 12, 2021 11:00
Location: Ul. kralja Tomislava 5, 20250, Orebić
Event Type: Events

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Ivan Padovec (1800 – 1873)
My Morning Op. 43 No. 2, verses by Ljudevit Vukotinović *

Anton Diabelli (1781 – 1858)
Serenata Concertante Op. 105 for Flute, Viola, and Guitar
Andante sostenuto
Allegro moderato
Adagio non tanto
Scherzo : Presto
Allegro non tanto
Marcia: Allegro moderato

Ivan Padovec (1800 – 1873)
Nächlichter Ritt, verses by Gustav Jilly *

Wenzel Thomas Matiegka (1773 – 1830)
Notturno Op. 21 for Flute, Viola, and Guitar
Allegro moderato
Lento e patetico
Zingara-Andantino, Trio

Ivan Padovec (1800 -1873)
Good Night, Op. 74, verses by Petar Preradović *
(* Aranged for flute, viola, and guitar)
Padovec & CO
There was a number of changes to the lives of musicians, composers, and instrument builders in the nineteenth century, mostly caused by the emerging democratic ideas and the industrial revolution. One of the results of the industrial revolution was the rise of the middle class, whose members started frequenting concerts and receiving music education. The new economic class consisted of numerous people who had enough financial means and free time for the first time in history.
Therefore music performance in the 19th century’s intimate salons grew in popularity. House life at the time took place in salons where music performed by small groups of musicians became the favorite event. Some of the composers/performers of the time financially supported themselves in such “concert halls” that attracted rich patrons. Solo performances and chamber music were very popular, and their programs included everything from opera and orchestral transcriptions to sentimental love songs and ballads.
Ivan Padovec was the founder of Croatian “guitarism” and one of few Croatian musicians of the time who were recognized in Europe. He spent a large portion of his life in Vienna, where he cooperated with the top musicians of the early 19th century. Some of Padovac’s works were published by Anton Diabelli, well known publisher and musician of the time who worked with masters such as Schubert and Beethoven.
This program, performed on authentic instruments and including not only Padovac’s compositions but also those of his contemporaries and collaborators Anton Diabelli, Franz Schubert and Wenzeslaus Matiegka, will attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the 19th century salons of Vienna.

Mislav Režić

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