Korkyra baroque festival

Parish of st. Rok, Lumbarda

Lumbarda, the most easterly village on the island of Korčula, captured the attention of the public after the discovery of the Lumbarda Psephisma, one of the oldest findings on the territory of Croatia regarding the establishment of Greek colonies in Dalmatia (4th century B.C.). Remains of the roman villae rusticae alongwith the numerous mediaeval churches and chapels enrich the history of Lumbarda. Among them the most significant is St. Roch’s Church, nowdays rectory church of the district. It’s assumed that it originated at first decades of 14th century, whan the area started attracting the wealthier citizens of Korčula. They initiated constructions of villas (kaštelet) and little chapels or churches. Only in 17th century the St. Roch’s Church had it’s renaissance, when it expanded to it’s nowdays appearance with three naves and three large altars. During next few centuries the baptistery (1905) and the organ of german company Gebruder Rieger were added, alongwith the new campanile that gave to Lombarda a new and distinctive identity.