Korkyra baroque festival

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicolas Dominican Church and Monastery were erected in the late 15th century near the center of the city. During the 1571 siege, the Ottomans pillaged and burnt the monastery. It was rebuilt in the early 17th century, at which time the church was expanded with a second nave. The picturesque complex is located immediately by the sea. The church building consists of two equal rectangular naves with no apses and a baroque domed bell tower stands in the back of the building. The altars are made of stone or marble. The 1629 High Altar of St. Nicolas (in the eastern nave) contains a triptych painted by Italian artist Baldissero D’Anna. The same nave also contains a 1757 marble altar with the effigy of the Mother of God whilst the western nave’s altar contains the Death of St. Peter Martyr, an 18th century copy of Titian’s famous painting. The side altar of St. Dominic holds the 17th century Dalmatian baroque painter Matija Pončun’s work Suryan Miracle. The monastery consists of an early 16th century cloister with a garden of tropical fruits and decorative plants.