Korkyra baroque festival

The Atrium of the City Hall

The Atrium is a part of the Korčula City Hall. The 16th century renaissance building has a large porch and arcade. The upper floor was added in 1866. The Chapel of Our Lady of Ploče, built in 1531 to commemorate the battle between Aragon and Venice fought off the coast of Korčula in 1483, stands beside it. The chapel holds a 1722 painting of the Mother of God covered in gold, and two Venetian cannons. The present shape of the Small Revelin Fortress dates from 1499. There is a 1569 column in front of the City Hall. The Church of St. Michael with a renaissance pulpit and a baroque marble altar containing Domenico Maggiotto’s painting of Our Lady of Consolation stands opposite to the city hall. The building is now the seat of city administration.