Korkyra baroque festival

The church Gospa od Škoja, Vrnik

The small island of Vrnik is situated in the archipelago of Korcula. Vrnik is the only inhabited area in the archipelago known for its stone quarries from the Roman times. At the beginning of the last century, the church Gospe od Škoja was built and it represents the main figure of the island today. It can be seen from the Korčula cape Krmača, as the island inhabitants call it and it is the closest landmark on which the parking has been built. The feast “Gospe od Škoja” is held on 2nd July. With its rounded apse, it attests to the sculptural skills of the island inhabitants, about which their descendants will warn you: there is no space between large stone blocks that make this church magnificent. They are so precisely sculptured and stand one by another, just as in Doric temples.