Paolo da Col

Vocalist, organ player, conductor and musicologist Paolo da Col completed his music education in Bologna and later demonstrated a great deal of interest in the research and presentation of Renaissance and Baroque repertoire. For more than twenty years, he has been a member of Italian vocal ensembles, including Cappella di San Petronio in Bologna and Institutioni Harmonicae. Since 1998, he has acted as the official conductor of the ensemble Odhecaton. He currently works and teaches at the Trieste Music Conservatory. Together with Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini, he writes articles for the magazines L’Organo, Giornale della Musica, and other music papers and magazines. Paolo da Col also oversees the music catalogue issued by Arnaldo Forni from Bologna. This job enabled him a permanent engagement in the field of cataloguing, maintenance and printing of materials on classical music.